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Parents’ Documents

At this page we are trying to combine together all the documents that the parents may need to enroll their child to our school as well as yearly renewal forms. These forms are broken in different sections to make it easier for you to find the right ones.

Application to enroll your Child for 2017-2018 School year:

Please, make sure you choose application for correct location. You can fill your application on your computer and send it by email, mail or bring it for the tour.

Brooklyn application – 2017-2018

After-school Brooklyn application – 2017-2018

Kips Bay application – 2017-2018

East Village application – 2017-2018

Summer Camp Application

Summer camp application is only for the parents who want to enroll their child for the months of July and August, but are not planning to continue in September. All the parents who want to start during the summer months but plan to continue attending school during the school year should use 2017-2018 application.

2018 summer camp application

Mommy and Me Application

Application for Mommy and Me classes. You can choose which branch to attend.

Mommy and Me application

Medical Form and Exempt Form

This is standard medical form that was created by Department of Health. Your pediatricians should have the same form in their office. We may also accept computer generated medial form if it contains the similar information.
This medical form must be renewed once a year prior to expiration date. Child cannot be admitted to the School without or with expired medical form.
Please, keep in mind that the expiration date calculated not from the moment when you visited the doctor, but from the date printed at the bottom of the page.

Medical form

2016-2017 School Year Registration Form

All parents are required to fill-in and submit this form by March 15th. In order for us to pro-rate your tuition for the summer months you should indicate the dates of your intended vacation.

Registration Form

ACH Payment Form

By submitting this payment authorization form you are giving us a permission to automatically charge your monthly tuition from your checking or saving account.

ACH payment form

Parents’ Handbook

We were trying to put all the information that parents need to know in parent’ handbook, so please, read it thoroughly. Let us know if you believe that any additional information need to be added to that document so we can make necessary adjustments.

Sample Food Menu

This sample food menu is provided for parents references.

UPK Documents

Only for the children attending Universal Pre-Kindergarten program in Brooklyn School.

Current Callendar


30marallday02aprSpring RecessSchool closed


30marallday02aprSpring RecessSchool closed

Current Callendar


30marallday02aprSpring RecessSchool closed


30marallday02aprSpring RecessSchool closed