Mommy and Me

From infancy to preschool age, Gold Material Montessori School in New York City promotes early development and provides a strong foundation for the critical first years of your child’s life. Our Mommy and Me classes in New York will help your child to achieve new milestones and will prepare him/her to easily overcome the life and learning challenges during each stage of growth.

Why to choose Mommy and Me classes?

Even though there could be thousand of reasons why New York City parents are choosing Mommy and Me classes, we believe there are three main motives that guide parents in selection of our school and our program:

• Separation anxiety
First of all it is a subconscious fear of separation. When Maria Montessori was saying that the child who is 3 years old cannot think of the world without his mom to the same degree it applies to many mothers who’s world is focused heavily on their child. Especially this motive prevails among the first time parents.
• Distrust
Second motive is a distrust. We mean the distrust that is directed towards the people parents do not know, towards new system or approach that is used by the school, towards the professionalism of the people. Especially it applies to Montessori Mommy and Me classes.
• Mindful Parenting
This is the third category of parents who we call “talented parents”. These are parents who see and understand the importance of early childhood education as success of their child in the future. These parents want to make the initial steps in that direction at early age.

Our Mommy and Me classes in Brooklyn and Manhattan meet the needs of parents from all these categories. Moreover, the simultaneous solution of parents’ challenges allow us to achieve much better results compared to the cases when each difficulty is addressed separately.

When my child can start attending Montessori Mommy and Me classes?

We believe that the perfect time is when the youngster is around 10 month old, when he/she is able to move freely by him/herself by crawling or walking. From our experience the best time would be when child can walk. At the end it is the parent’s choice but the upper age limit to attend this program would be 3 years old.

How do we teach?

In Montessori Mommy and Me classes the goal of the teacher is not to work directly with the child in the presence of the parents, but to work with child through the parent. When the individual tasks are given the teacher will be presenting materials, setting the goals and demonstrating the results that she wants to achieve through the selected activity. Then you as a parent is expected to work independently with your child under the teacher’s guidance. Over time the objective for the child would be able to work independently under his/her parent’s guidance. Parent should be always next to the child and should be working together with her child.

Teachers work and educate parents how to properly work and teach their child. During the group lessons: such as warm-up activity, speech, language or physical exercise, parent should be performing the same activity as his/her child or help the child to do the activity demonstrated by the teacher. Mother/father should act as helper, mentor and be a source of inspiration to fuel their child with positive emotions and encouragement to work with materials or accomplish the activity demonstrated by teacher.

Where do we offer the classes?

Mommy and Me classes are offered in our Brooklyn Montessori School in Bensonhurst, in East Village and Kips Bay Branches of Gold Material Montessori School in New York City. Classes conducted in the specially prepared educational environment within existing Montessori School. Our facilities are fully equipped with all necessary educational activities and materials required for the children of that age.

Schedule of Mommy and Me classes

Classes are offered on Saturdays. Each lesson is 60min long.

1st class
• 2nd class
9:30 am – 10:30 am
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Maximum 10 students per class. Packages of 5 classes minimum.
If interested you can download Mommy and Me application here.

Important note about our classes

Our Mommy and Me classes created, made and originated by Tatiana Kondrukevich, the Montessori teacher with more than 35 years of practical experience. This course is sole and exclusive property of the author, inventor and Gold Material Montessori School, except as she may voluntary transfer this property in full, or in part.

You and your child will be placed in care of highly qualified and experienced teachers with a strong background in working with young children. Our teachers have extensive knowledge of child’ development and full understanding of Montessori principles. All teachers attended and passed special training courses offered by the author of the program and earned the permit to lead our Montessori Mommy and Me classes.