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Gold Material Montessori Schools provide New York City parents with affordable preschool and lower elementary education services. Our schools are conveniently located in Brooklyn and Manhattan boroughs of NYC.

Gold Material Montessori Schools provide a unique educational environment where the craft of the Montessori Method is implemented in an effective way in order to aid the development of a child’s intelligence.

We are unique because we are modern!

To keep up with the times, we merge the Montessori Method with other modernized approaches to education. Gold Material Montessori Schools have been focusing on preschool education for many years and our approach has been proved to be successful.

We are proud that nearly 100% of our graduates successfully pass the exam for the Gifted and Talented program, earning them the right to study in some of the best schools in New York City.

We are growing!

Our vast experience and success in the education of pre-school aged children had opened for us new horizons and we are eager to explore them. Based on the Montessori method, we have developed a program for elementary school and received permission from the Department of Education to offer private Montessori elementary education in our Brooklyn location.

Currently, our Brooklyn school offers a full spectrum of services, educating children of 2 to 5 years old in our pre-school classrooms, as well as educating children from Kindergarten to 3rd grade in our new lower elementary classrooms.

We are easily and readily available to all families and children. Our schools offer a safe and productive learning environment in which all children will be able to grow and learn.

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We have made our schools convenient and affordable for every schedule to accommodate working parents.

To enhance the learning experience, our programs are based on the student’s individual needs and learning styles.

We don’t look for talented children- we need talented parents!

Founded in 2004, the school initially offered short classes to children needing special help or were found to be falling behind children in the same age group. In 2006 we relocated and built a new spacious school at 105 Kings Highway. As we expanded, we opened two additional schools in Manhattan, one in Kips Bay and one In the East Village.

In our schools, we structure classes by merging the classical Montessori Method with developmental games. Serious attention is placed on the establishment and correction of fundamental learning skills, including a focus on developing intellect, attention, speech, thinking, memory, logic, math, hand development and preparation for writing, reading, cosmic education, self-service skills, small motor skills, creative skills, and a motivation for learning.

We encourage our children to engage in cultivating an orderly mind, a skillful hand and body, and a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem, thereby laying the foundation for a healthy and constructive social life.

Your child accomplishes the task of self-construction by participating in everyday activities within the world around him. At Gold Material the child is provided with a supportive environment that is prepared to meet his physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

At Gold Material Montessori Schools  each child receives an education that is individually created specifically for him/her. These programs are constantly reviewed and updated by our administrators and teachers to offer maximum support for each child.

Our schools use specially developed Montessori Materials which are easy to use and are suited specifically for your child’s age. We encourage self-control to allow the child to see her own errors. In doing so, adults do not need to point out the mistakes made, preserving the child’s self-esteem.

Your child has many opportunities for self realization and therefore many chances for achievement, because he/she can choose the tasks and the speed that specific to his/her abilities, simply because in Montessori class there is no place for competitions. A Montessori class is the place where your child is free from the adult domination, where he can discover his own world and develop his own mind.

We work with all children, including those who have been classified as “difficult” and with those who have developmental delays compared to their peers.

Why Should You Choose Gold Material Montessori?

We adapt a traditional and effective Montessori approach to learning.

We have talented, qualifying, and caring teachers.

We have small classes to enhance the learning process.

We offer each child detailed and individual attention.

We offer a safe learning environment where the safety of your child is our top priority.

We offer a comfortable psychological setting where your child is free to express his/her emotions openly.

We allow students to grow socially and emotionally, as well as educationally

We work with parents/families to accommodate all needs.

We serve children ages 2 through 3rd Grade

Montessori School GOLD MATERIAL is proud member of American Montessori Society (AMS)

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23oct4:30 pm- 6:00 pmFall ShowFall Festival
25oct4:30 pm- 6:00 pmFall ShowShow starts at 4:30 pm.
27oct4:20 pm- 5:30 pmFall ShowShow starts at 4:30 pm.
31octAll DayHalloweenChildren are encouraged to come to the school wearing Halloween costumes.


10novAll DayVeterans DaySchool closed
16novAll DayPT Meeting, Staff Professional DevelopmentNo classes, children stay home.
16novAll DayPT Meeting, Staff Professional DevelopmentNo classes, children stay home.
17novAll DayPT Meeting, Staff Professional DevelopmentNo classes, children stay home.
23nov - 24All DayThanksgiving Recessschool closed